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Here’s the best way to use the CSS Grid for your WordPress site’s content position: CSS Grid Position Inline The CSS Grid Grid is a handy tool for setting up a grid layout. It automatically detects the position of your posts on the page and sets the spacing of posts within it accordingly. If your posts don’t have a position, they’ll appear on the left or right of the grid. To create a grid for a post, you’ll need to add the following CSS to the content tag: content:block{ margin-top: 15px; margin-bottom: 15%; padding: 0px 0px; } For more information on the CSS grid, read this tutorial. To use the grid, simply add a div to the top or bottom of your content block and define the following attributes: position: fixed; height: auto; width: auto The position of each post in the grid is determined by the grid position, which determines how tall the posts appear in the layout. The default position is 10px. The height of each column will be adjusted by a fixed percentage, depending on the column width and padding. For example, if a column has a width of 8 pixels, and the column is at the left of the first column, the column will have a height of 8px. To adjust the height of the column, use the following code: if (column.width > 8){ column.height = 8px;} To add an extra column, simply create a div within the content block. You can then add the divs padding and height to the grid: div.width: 4px; div.height: 4%; } To display the posts on your site’s right side, use this code: post.left.position.top = -20px; post.right.position,post.left = -40px; You can use the same code for posts on left and right sides, but this time add the post’s position to the left: post,left.pos; post,right.pos,post,left,right This allows the posts to appear to the right of your post content. For more on using the CSS rules to position your content, read our

on how to position posts on WordPress themes.When a post is added to the CSSGrid, it will automatically adjust the posts position in accordance with the grid’s position, so you don’t need to do anything.To add a new post, simply click on the post in your content

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