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You can now generate HTML, CSS buttons for Facebook’s Facebook News Feed

You can now generate HTML, CSS buttons for Facebook’s Facebook News Feed

TechCrunch – 3 minutes ago When you are browsing the news feed on your smartphone, the buttons on the right of the screen could be used to add a clickable link.

Facebook announced today that it is adding the ability to generate HTML-based buttons for the social network’s News Feed, which allows users to create an avatar for themselves and share posts with their friends.

This is a first for the platform and comes at a time when Facebook is trying to create a more personalized experience for its users.

Facebook’s new News Feed feature will allow users to add their own avatars and share content from their friends with their thumbs.

For example, you can create a link for a post and then click the link to share the post with your friends.

If you click the button, Facebook will generate a link that can be clicked and the post will appear in the News Feed with a button next to it.

Facebook’s news feed was one of the first places to see the introduction of this new feature.

For those of you not familiar with it, the News Meters are a feature that automatically collects data about the content posted by users and stores it in a database.

The data is then used by Facebook to make personalized recommendations based on a user’s interests and behaviors.

Facebook currently uses data from a database of more than 50 million people to make its recommendations.

Facebook is not the first platform to make this kind of thing possible, though.

Twitter recently released a feature called “The Next Twitter,” which allowed users to customize their profile picture and the way they interact with the service.

The feature is now live on iOS and Android.

The move to generate buttons for users’ News Feeds comes at an interesting time.

The news feed has become an integral part of the platform, which has seen its userbase grow to more than two billion in just two years.

Facebook has been criticized for its content curation and advertising, but also for the way it distributes news feeds across its various platforms, from Messenger to its mobile apps.

Facebook says it will add the ability for users to generate a button to its News Feed on the third quarter of this year.


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