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Why the Trump White House doesn’t use Google’s Material Design guidelines

Why the Trump White House doesn’t use Google’s Material Design guidelines

In January, Google announced that it was dropping support for Google’s proprietary CSS3, which is designed to make your web pages look more professional and responsive.

Material Design is widely seen as a better way to write CSS3 than Google’s current standard, but some developers say the rules aren’t set up properly.

That led to some users complaining about not getting the right amount of space and some sites, like the Huffington Post, not being able to display any text at all.

(The Huffington Post and the New York Times have also faced complaints from some users about their pages not displaying the right font size.)

Since then, several Google products have rolled out new guidelines.

The new guidelines are designed to help developers better define what is and isn’t in line with the standard, according to the company.

These include the use of a line-height attribute for content, as well as the use for “high-quality” colors and fonts.

But Google doesn’t say how long it will take for its guidelines to be published and how the new standards will affect Google’s products.

The company has been quietly working on its own standards for a while now, so it is not yet clear how it plans to use these standards.

Google hasn’t said when it plans a new set of guidelines, but it’s likely to come in the next few months, said Mark Maunder, director of product strategy at W3Techs.

“The longer it takes, the less likely it is that they’ll come out in the near future,” he said.

Google has previously rolled out its own guidelines for its own products.

In March, Google released a set of design guidelines for how websites should look for Android phones and tablets.

And in January, it rolled out a set that covers the way websites should display content on a website, including content in mobile apps.

These guidelines are available for free, but the guidelines are also designed to improve developer productivity and reduce friction for developers.

Google also released a new design guide for its Gmail and Google+ apps earlier this year.

The guidelines are still in beta, but Google says it plans on releasing a more complete set of designs soon.


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