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What if you were a child and you didn’t know how to draw, but wanted to learn? The Huffington Poynter

What if you were a child and you didn’t know how to draw, but wanted to learn? The Huffington Poynter

This article is one in a series that explores how to teach kids how to design. 

Poynters’ Matt Poyner, one of the cofounders of Poynet, explains the idea of teaching in this interview with Poynet founder Matt Pomerantz.

He says the best way to teach is to “use the kids’ imagination” and to let them draw things on paper and then to see them draw them on screen.

Poyners own business Poynicer.com is a free online tool that helps children learn and build. 

“When kids start to understand a concept, the next step is to make sure they have a way to interact with it,” Poynes said.

“I think kids are really good at building something, so it’s really important to give them the opportunity to make that happen.

If you can do that with paper and let them see how it works, it’s going to be really helpful.” 

Poys was also a pioneer of the art of storytelling, a term that comes from his grandfather, and it has been used in a lot of different media, he said. 

In Poys’ business, Poys is a storytelling company, which means the company focuses on a specific area, like storytelling, or how people learn, he explained.

Poys specializes in using the power of storytelling to create engaging content for kids and families, Poyns said.

Poms goal is to be a creative partner with kids and create experiences that are accessible to all ages, including those who have visual or developmental disabilities. 

The company is also a charter school for low-income children, so Poys has the ability to help kids learn and grow in a safe and nurturing environment. 

POYNIT is also known for creating interactive games that kids can play in their homes and that kids and their parents can share with their friends, Pons said.

They’re free to use and share, but the games can be customized to your own child’s tastes, he added. 

For example, in a game called The Bigger Picture, the kids can explore the history of humanity in a way that is fun for all ages.

The games is called the Big Picture because it is a bigger picture of humanity and the universe, Poes said.

 The Bigger Pic can be played with children ages 4-12 and parents, too, Pomeranz said.

The company recently added an online video course called Poyniks Digital Art in which parents can watch videos of Poys work.

The videos will teach kids about the history, science, technology, and social justice issues of POYNITS mission, Poms company motto.


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