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What are the top 3 rules for WordPress css?

What are the top 3 rules for WordPress css?

The Lad is a popular blogging platform which allows for content sharing between its users.

As such, the site has become a huge source of content for the site’s writers, with over 2.7 million articles published and nearly 4 million blog posts.

This infographic outlines some of the most important css rules you should follow when it comes to the layout of your blog posts and blog posts are just as important as the content themselves.1.

Do not add too many headers or footers.

WordPress doesn’t have an admin interface, so it’s important to not add unnecessary information to the site.2.

Don’t add any images to the front of your posts or blog posts unless they are required for a certain page or feature.3.

Keep your footers clean and clear.

A footer will often clutter up your post and blog content.4.

Avoid using too many images.

A small amount of images are good for your SEO.5.

Don´t add too much text to your blog post.

A good post needs a little more text to get people to click.6.

Avoid putting too many words in your blog.

Use keywords instead of words to attract more visitors.7.

Don�t add any special content or special images.

This will attract people who don’t like the look of regular posts.8.

Don`t use CSS for images.

If you need to use CSS to create your blog, use a plugin to make the necessary adjustments.9.

DonÂt use images that are too large or too small for your blog to read.

A blog post is not a pixelated, image-heavy blog post, so don’t add unnecessary images.10.

Do a good job of adding a footer for your sidebar.

Use the footer as a way to tell your readers which section they should read from.11.

Keep links in the footers of your content.

This makes it easy for people to find your content on a specific page or section.12.

Use images with captions and boldface.

Images with captons and boldfaces are easier for people who are visually impaired to read, and are easier to read than simple text.13.

Avoid repeating content.

If your blog is just a few pages long, don’t make it a large text file with lots of pictures.

If that’s all you have on the site, you will be missing out on potential traffic and readers.14.

Don”t use your main blog post as the main headline of your website.

If the main post is all you are looking for, don�t include it in your homepage.

Instead, include a link to your main post at the bottom of your site.15.

Keep it clean.

Donât use too many fonts and colors.

Donęt use colors that are confusing or donât stand out from the rest of your logo.16.

Use a background image for your header, footer, and sidebar.

This helps your blog users differentiate between your blog and other sites.17.

Don’T use images for headlines or other meta descriptions.18.

DonÙt place a widget in your header or footer.19.

Use only one or two images per header or post.20.

Donřt have a banner at the top of your post or blog post header.

This can be distracting for users.21.

Donât add a banner to the bottom left of your page.22.

Use clear, high-quality text for your main page title.23.

Doní¢t use a single word to describe your blog article title.

If users see a word, they will be able to understand the article.24.

Doná¢t place an image of your main article on your main menu.25.

Donô™t put an image on your homepage unless it is necessary for the main menu and/or other page elements.26.

Don’t create a menu on your site to make it easier for users to find content.27.

Donû™ve a clear, consistent title for your homepage on every page of your homepage, blog, or home page.28.

Donît include a description for your posts and/ or blog articles on your blog or home.29.

Don™te be careful when adding a comment to your posts, because users may not read what you just wrote.30.

Donʙt include the word “Featured” or “Featured Image” anywhere on your home page, blog or blog.31.

Donate to your favorite WordPress site.32.

Use your blog title wisely.

Your title is the best tool for attracting readers to your site and getting them to share your content with their friends and family.33.

Make sure your blog has a good layout.

Make it easy to navigate and have your readers feel like they are actually on your page rather than just browsing a page on a mobile device.34


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