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The Top 10 JavaScript plugins you need to use before upgrading to React 8

The Top 10 JavaScript plugins you need to use before upgrading to React 8

title React 8 and its JavaScript plugins are awesome, but it’s time to upgrade to the next version article title What are React 8’s JavaScript plugins?

article title How to install React 8 plugins on your computer article title This is what it takes to install and run a React 8 app article title A quick look at the React 8 desktop experience article title The React 8 beta preview app for macOS is awesome article title macOS developers can use the React8 beta preview to help test new features article title You can now play games with your friends via Facebook on the new Facebook game engine article title Facebook is rolling out a new game engine for macOS, called React 8.2 article title Microsoft says it will offer React 8 in the fall article title Here’s what it’s like to use React 8 on macOS for a week article title GitHub is rolling its own version of the React IDE, allowing you to create and edit React projects from within the app article Title GitHub has created its own React IDE article title Twitter announced that it will allow developers to use the new React SDK on Windows 8 and Windows RT machines article title Reddit will launch a new React app for iOS this fall article Title The new Reddit app will support Facebook’s React 8 framework article title Apple has updated the App Store’s app icon to a red circle.

The new app icon shows up on the left side of the app menu when the app is open.


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