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How to add CSS to your website

How to add CSS to your website

How to use CSS to make your website look better?

I’ve been doing this for years, but lately I’ve noticed that there’s been a lot of confusion on the topic.

In the end, it’s about creating a cleaner design, not about CSS.

Here are some quick tips to get you started.


Choose a font or font-size that’s right for your site’s screen size and font.

For example, a 6-inch screen size should be more readable than a 12-inch one.

If your website is too big for your screen size, then you might want to make a change.

You can check out our guide to how to customize your web design for more details.


If you’re using a website built with JavaScript or a plugin like Dreamweaver or JQuery, choose a font that is scalable.

For smaller sites, it might make more sense to use smaller fonts, which may work better for smaller screens.


If using a site built with CSS or JavaScript, use a bold, italic, or underline font.

Bold, italics and underlines are more readable, and they look more professional.


If building a website using a WordPress theme, make sure it includes a sidebar or a footer.

For a better experience, include the header of the page with the most recent article.


If creating a blog, be sure to include a page title and the title of the most recently posted post.


Check out our blog editor and make sure you use a large font for the top half of the screen.


You should include a sidebar of your most recent post, so you can quickly jump back to it. 8.

When building a site with a mobile-friendly layout, include a header and footer that’s appropriate for the size of your screen.


If there’s no footer, make a small sidebar for your sidebar.


Use images that are scalable, and avoid using images that aren’t.


If designing a website with a CMS, check out a theme that uses images that scale with the size.


If choosing a font, use one that has a smaller, more readable font, and doesn’t have too many whitespace characters.


If doing this manually, make it as clear as possible.

This is particularly important for your header and navigation.


If working with images, make them as big as possible and make them legible.

If it’s a logo, then include a logo icon.


Make sure you have a clean layout.

If the design looks too cluttered, it could distract users from the content.


If not using a theme, check to make sure your website’s theme has CSS or plugins that help with this task.


Make a layout that’s optimized for your website.

This may sound obvious, but if you have no other choice, you should look for themes that have the best overall layout.


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