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Which one is worse: Trump’s attacks on journalists or his response to their coverage?

Which one is worse: Trump’s attacks on journalists or his response to their coverage?

The Associated Press | February 2, 2020 14:55:49The day after the New York Times published an exposé detailing a campaign strategy in which Trump’s campaign staff would threaten reporters with the threat of jail time if they did not comply with his wishes, Trump responded with an angry tweet.

“Why is the FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes) allowed to lie about me?

They will be sued!” he wrote, before suggesting that the paper might be behind the attacks.

The New York Post followed suit, reporting that the campaign had tried to pressure other outlets to take the threat seriously.

“We’ve heard it all before,” Trump said.

“The FAKE News Media is going to get a big payoff if they write negative stories about us.

It will be the biggest payoff of all time!”

On Friday, Trump appeared to make a further push to silence journalists, this time by suggesting that they might have to pay a price if they didn’t toe the line.

“What if the FAKEN [fake news] New York Daily News or @nypost were doing a really bad job?” he tweeted, referring to a Twitter account he has been feuding with.

“Would that be a bad thing?”

The White House also took aim at NBC News for reporting on the president’s tweets.

“When will @NBCNews be held accountable for their false reporting about my tweets?,” Trump tweeted.

“If the failing @nytimes and the failing of @NBC will not report the truth, I will stop their Fake News!

The FAKE & dishonest media will cover up for us!”

Trump did not clarify whether he meant to target NBC News directly.

“This is a fake @nyt,” he wrote in another tweet.

Later on Friday, he added: “I will never stop reporting the truth.”


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