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How to build an awesome CSS framework with AngularJS

How to build an awesome CSS framework with AngularJS

The CSS framework is the heart of web design and it has always been about getting things done quickly.

It can be a powerful tool for the beginning programmer or an even better tool when it comes to the more advanced user.

However, it’s not a magic wand.

It’s a collection of tools and technologies that can help you get started with the basics and then make it easy to get up and running with the rest of the framework.

If you’ve never used CSS before, you’ll be surprised by how much power it has.

Here’s how to start with a bare bones CSS framework.


Create a simple CSS class with the className property.

We’ll be using this to name our class.

$.template(‘foo’, ‘className’, function () { return ‘

‘; }); In our case, we’ll use className to name the class.

This will also be a string, so you can easily type it out on a website.

var foo = new Foo(); var bar = new Bar(); var baz = new Baz(); $.css({ ‘class’, ‘foo’, className }); The $.class property allows us to pass in a string value for our new class name.

This is useful for creating the styling that will be applied to our template and our HTML.

$(‘#foo’).css({ background: ‘#eee’, padding: ‘2em’, border: ‘1px solid blue’, color: ‘red’, style: { background: $.style(‘background’, ‘#f0f0ff’), padding: $1, border: $2, color: $3 } }); You can also use a more complex value for the class name: $(‘class’).css(‘foo’).style({ backgroundColor: ‘green’ }); You might be thinking, “What the heck does that mean?”

Well, it means that the styling is applied to the HTML, but also the stylesheets themselves, which are loaded when the template is rendered.

You’ll find that using this value is fairly easy.

$(“#foo”).css({background: ‘darkgreen’}); var bar.style({ border: 1em, color:’#f00′, padding:’2em’ }); bar.css(‘background’); var bax.style(); var blue.style() blue.css(); bar.html(); var foo.html(‘foo‘); $.html(foo); var bar; bar.className = ‘foo’; bar.bgColor = ‘red’; bar; Bar(); bar; var bs.style().style({ color: red }); bar; Bax(); bar(); var cjs.js.load(function(){ console.log(‘loading’); }); var foo; foo.classList = []; foo.style.css = ‘background-color:green’; foo.css(function () { console.error( ‘css loaded’, ”); }); foo.bgClassList = [ ‘bg’ , ‘black’ ]; foo.fgClassList; var html.html().css(); foo.element.addClassList(foo.style); var html(foo, function (){ console.info( ‘added class ‘ + foo.name + ”, ‘ + bar.name); }); $(‘html(bar).classList’).css(bar.bg(), ‘background’, foo.backgroundColor, foo.padding, foo, foo); }); We’ll now use our new HTML to add a few style properties to the page.

$(‘.foo’).html(‘ ‘); The className is a string that specifies what we’re styling.

It also specifies a property name for our stylesheet.

This property is a reference to the stylesheet itself, which is the HTML that will load the styles in the template.

var className = $(‘div[className=”foo”]’).css(); className.attr(‘class’, class); bar.innerHTML = ‘

‘; bar(‘bgColor’); bar(‘fgColor’); $(‘foo).css(‘ background: #f00, ‘ + ‘color: #ffffff’); bar.js(function (text, textAttributes, text) { console .log(textAttributes); }); var html = $.parseJSON(text); html(html); var textAttributes = textAttributes || {}; var text = html.text(); textAttributes[0] = ‘color’; textAttributes.addAttribute(‘color’, textAttributes); console.debug(text.textAttributes.attributes); console .debug(html.text.attrs); var bd = new Bd(); bd.setSize(1000); bd(function(d, s,


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