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Why I want to use my iPad as a digital typewriter

Why I want to use my iPad as a digital typewriter

article The iPad is the new Mac, and it has been a popular platform for people to experiment with computers since the beginning.

But there’s a new breed of iPad owners who don’t want to compromise on the ease of use of their Mac.

They want the power of the iPad, but also the flexibility of a PC, a new report from TechRadar says.

It’s a trend that’s been bubbling up in recent years as Apple’s tablet business continues to expand.

While it’s possible to have a touchscreen, touch-screen PCs, laptops and smartphones with Apple’s devices, they often come at a premium.

For the iPad Pro, Apple has gone with a new design that’s a blend of a traditional tablet with the iPad’s tablet-like form factor.

While the design hasn’t changed much from the last model, it’s still thinner and lighter.

The iPad Pro uses the same keyboard as the iPad Air, but instead of a physical row of keys on either side, the back is dominated by the screen.

The keyboard itself is a plastic panel, and the back of the tablet is made of glass that protects the screen from scratches.

The iPad Pro is also a bit lighter, which is good news for anyone who uses their tablet to write, draw, record or read documents.

However, the design isn’t perfect.

The keyboard itself isn’t as sharp as Apple has made it look, and there’s no fingerprint scanner built-in, so if you’re carrying around your iPad Pro with you you won’t be able to use it with the same finger.

It’s also possible to break your tablet in half if you don’t care about its durability.

The other drawback is that the iPad doesn’t have a trackpad, which makes it impossible to control the iPad while you’re writing, drawing or watching a movie.


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