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What to watch for in the Israeli election

What to watch for in the Israeli election

What to Watch for in Israel’s Israeli election: •The election will take place in an atmosphere of intense tension.

In addition to the political drama of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the election is also the backdrop of Israeli-Arab conflict and tensions between Israelis and Palestinians.

The Israeli media has taken pains to highlight the fact that it is the election’s primary target and will be the focal point of the campaign, which will also include the Israeli government and the Israeli Defense Forces.

•The Israeli-Israeli relations are not in a good place, especially for Israel and its citizens.

The recent Israeli-Egyptian peace talks collapsed over disagreements over the release of the former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi.

Both sides have accused each other of seeking to impose their will on the other.

•Israelis are fed up with the Palestinian Authority and its leadership.

The PA is currently in the midst of a massive wave of protests against its leaders.

The protests have escalated in recent weeks, with at least six Palestinians killed and over 200 injured.

•Palestinians want the right to return to their homes.

They have called for a return to the 1967 borders with Israel and the Gaza Strip.

•Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to announce a new constitution that will provide for a new, more inclusive constitution, according to Haaretz.

The new constitution, which would be the result of a referendum, would also allow for the formation of a Palestinian Authority.

•There is a growing feeling of disunity among Israelis.

Most Israelis support the Israeli right to exist as a Jewish state, while Palestinians are critical of the country’s policies and the actions of its leaders, according a poll released by the Israel Democracy Institute in June.

The poll also showed that 67 percent of Israeli Jews want the country to leave the international Criminal Court.

The United Nations has expressed concern about Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and has called on it to do more to protect them.


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