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How to use a JavaScript object as a container for CSS box shadow in HTML5

How to use a JavaScript object as a container for CSS box shadow in HTML5

article An infographic about the differences between HTML5 and CSS3 boxes.

Read more about it in our story about the transition from CSS3 to HTML5.

The idea of using an HTML5 container is pretty straightforward, as you can see from the example above.

When you set the height and width of a container element to a value greater than or equal to 100%, it will be applied to the element as if it were a box.

It is possible to create CSS-based boxes with this approach, but they don’t work as well as the standard CSS box.

The new CSS3-based box method, by contrast, allows the box to be applied in two different ways:It works by wrapping around the element and wrapping around its border, rather than wrapping the entire element.

It also applies the box content to the left of the box instead of wrapping around it.

It’s important to note that the box will be only applied to elements inside the container.

It will not be applied outside the container either, but it can still be used to define a box around an element inside of a block, and then to apply a transition between those two different states.

So you can apply a box to an element and have it apply to a background image or some other property, but then you can also have the background image fade in and out using the box method.

The image will stay the same, but the effect of the transition will change.

In the example below, the background-image-shadow property is applied to a container, and the box is applied as the shadow.

The background-position property is also applied to that container.

The border of the container is changed by the transition.

We’ve written a lot about how CSS3 has been changed in the last few years, so I’ll skip the explanation on that, but if you’d like to get a sense of how things have changed in terms of CSS3 functionality, you can check out our full CSS3 article .


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