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The truth about the white genocide myth

The truth about the white genocide myth

Posted February 17, 2018 11:24:20By now, you probably know the myth of the white race, the one that claims white people are biologically superior to everyone else.

In a sense, it’s a myth because we can’t be certain of the origins of the genetic differences between the races.

But the story of the genocide of the indigenous people of Australia is also a myth, and the evidence suggests that it’s false.

In a recent interview with ABC Radio Canberra, Indigenous historian and author Stephen J. Condon said that while there were some early white explorers, they were mainly interested in “tapping into a rich vein of Australian Aboriginal knowledge”.

“They found no trace of this in Aboriginal culture,” he said.

“In the past, when they did look, they didn’t find anything, but they did find some things that we now know are very significant.”

They knew that Aboriginal people were a hunter-gatherer people.

They knew that they hunted with dogs and they used a very traditional form of fishing.

“He also said that many of the early explorers who were there in the 1800s were “a mixture of Aboriginal and white”.”

So when you have Aboriginal people who were white and Aboriginal people, you’ve got a mix of people,” he told ABC Radio.”

So you can be very proud of the fact that there was some sort of Aboriginal-White collaboration, but that didn’t last very long.

“You know, the whites, the Europeans, the French, the Germans, the Russians, all of them, all they got was a bunch of Aboriginal people.”

The history of the “White genocide” myth began when British colonizers in Australia were accused of genocide against the native people of the continent, and their descendants in South Africa and elsewhere.

“The truth is, it was the Europeans who were the aggressors,” Condon told ABC RN.

“And they killed, and enslaved and murdered, and raped and massacred the native population of the Western Hemisphere.”

Condon said there was an overarching narrative of the Europeans as “savages” who destroyed the Aboriginal culture, and that the native Australians had to fight back against the invaders.

“But it was not a genocide.

It was a massacre,” he continued.”

It was a mass murder.

So there was no ethnic cleansing.

The Europeans killed the natives.

They killed the women and the children and the elderly.

It had nothing to do with the Aboriginal people at all.”

The truth, according to Condon, was that there were no indigenous people in Australia at the time.

“When they went back to Europe, the indigenous Australians were in Europe,” he explained.

“We know now that the majority of the native Australian population was wiped out by the Europeans.”

Cordelia Stokes, an archaeologist at the University of Queensland, has written extensively about the early history of Australia, including the history of Aboriginal culture.

“What we know from ancient times is that Aboriginal peoples lived on Australia’s coast, in the interior of the island,” she told The Huffington-Post Australia.

“If you go back to the earliest recorded history of Australian, they lived along the east coast of Tasmania, and they were very much part of the Australian landscape.”

During the early period of European settlement, the island was the center of Australian society.

It’s where the government was established.

So that’s where Aboriginal people lived, they’re a part of our culture.

“Stokes said that it was possible that the indigenous peoples of Australia may have lived on the west coast of Australia as early as the mid-18th century.”

There’s a suggestion that it might have been the island of Tasmania that they were migrating from,” she said.”[But] the evidence shows that Aboriginal Australia was actually on the east of Australia.

There’s no evidence that Aboriginal Australians were living in the island.

So we’re looking at a very, very late, very remote time, and certainly there were very few Aboriginal people living in Tasmania at the turn of the 19th century.””

The evidence suggests they probably lived on Tasmania’s west coast, but the evidence is still very fragmentary and difficult to verify.”‘

They did not know’ how to kill or kill with spears, accordingTo Condon’s view, this is the only reason that people from Indigenous Australia were able to fight so hard against the Europeans.”

I think it’s because the Europeans were so much stronger, they had the knowledge and they had guns, and it’s really not that hard to kill them with a spear.

“People from Indigenous Australians didn’t know how to do that,” he argued.

“This is where the ‘white genocide’ myth comes from.

They did not really know how they were going to kill the native person.”

That’s why there were so many Native Australians who fought so hard.

I’m not saying there was not some sort in the 18th century that there


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